Sailing - October 17 - 18, AM Session

Sailing Camp

Swiss Adventure Camp insructor Adam Beaudin has great pleasure sharing his sailing passion with camp participants. He makes sure that you will not only learn the ropes, but that you will have the right techniques as have a great time setting your sail to the right course. Adam spent more than 10 years of his youth focused primarily on racing sailboats and windsurfers. He spent a summer as a sailing instructor at the International Sailing School teaching sailing by day and racing every evening and weekend. It's that level of commitment made him one of America's top junior sailors and he brings it to every one of our camps, making him one of our most prized teachers. His specialties are tactics, strategy and sail trim. 

Boat: 25ft Surprise racer/cruiser


In a small group, camp participants will be taught the following:

- sailing theory, terms, parts of the boat, boat safety
- setting up and putting away the boat
- points of sail, reading the wind
- basic boat handling as crew or skipper ie tacking, gybing, holding a course
- basic sail trim
- basic navigation, right of way rules,
- basic anchoring, docking
- heavy and light wind techniques
- ropes and knots
- introduction to the spinnaker (time permitting)

All children should have at least a basic swimming level. If this is a problem please inform the instructor.

Fr. 250.00
17 Oct, 2011 - 18 Oct, 2011
Adam Beaudin - Sailing
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9:00 Portofino Restaurant Harbor Parking Lot Seestrasse 100 8800 Thalwil