David Hubacher - Tricking Academy Bosshard



David started Tricking in April 2009 and has since developed a deep passion for his sport.  His extensive background in Kung Fu and Judo have given him the base and discilpine for the  amazing talent he displays in his routines.  "I never want to do anything else! I started tricking because it varies every time you train. It's not like other sports. It is a sport that surprises people every time they see it. It's  unique. This is what I love! I like to instruct new Trickers and I want to share my knowledge. We all can learn from each other.“

Skills: 7 years Kungfu, 2 years Judo, 1 year Gymnastics, 8 years Freestyle Inline Skating, 8 years Snowboarding, 1 year Dirt Biking, 2 Months Slacklining and 8 years Photography.

Motto: Just land it!

Languages: English, Swiss German, German.