Roger Bosshard - Tricking Academy Bosshard

Professional tricker and Founder/Director of the very first tricking academy in Switzerland, Tricking Academy Bosshard, Roger started Tricking in November 2005. He was one of the first Trickers in Switzerland. In the Tricking World people know him as Roger “Gomes”. In 2007 he achieved his Pro status by placing second  in the European Cup in the Categories: Freestyle Forms and Teambattle. “I like to instruct new Trickers and I love to see them learn new Tricks. Tricking is my passion, my love and my way!”

Motto: Just do it!

Skills: 10 years Karate, 8 Years Latin Dance, 2 years Capoeira/Showdance/Streetdance and Musicals, 1 year Kung-Fu, 1/2 year Jeet Kune Do.

Languages: English, Swiss German, German, Portuguese and Italian