David Hubacher - Tricking Academy Bosshard



David started Tricking in April 2009 and has since developed a deep passion for his sport.  His extensive background in Kung Fu and Judo have given him the base and discilpine for the  amazing talent he displays in his routines.  "I never want to do anything else! I started tricking because it varies every time you train. It's not like other sports. It is a sport that surprises people every time they see it. It's  unique. This is what I love! I like to instruct new Trickers and I want to share my knowledge. We all can learn from each other.“

Skills: 7 years Kungfu, 2 years Judo, 1 year Gymnastics, 8 years Freestyle Inline Skating, 8 years Snowboarding, 1 year Dirt Biking, 2 Months Slacklining and 8 years Photography.

Motto: Just land it!

Languages: English, Swiss German, German.



Matthias Büeler - Alpine Experience



Matthias has been a Swiss licensed four season mountain guide for 10 years and has 22 years experience instructing kids and teens. To top it off he is also a "REGA" helicopter airlift paramedic. Matthias is our man for technical expertise, knowledge and experience in the Swiss Alps and has been guiding our campers in their adventures for the last six years. We can't be more excited to say that Matthias is our guy for indoor and outdoor rock climbing, ski and snowboard touring, trekking, our 4000er climbs, flying through gorges on zip lines and many more mountain adventures. (Sorry guys.. no free 'REGA' helicopter rides... but he will happily give us a tour of the base!)

Languages: English, Swiss German, German and French

Posko Bridge - Kiting


Pos started power kiting in 1996 before moving onto the world of kite surfing. He has over 8 years kite experience on water and snow topped off with 5 years of teaching experience. Having managed one of Australia's largest kite shops, Pos is the guy to get us up and away in the world of kite based FUN!

Languages: Au"zz"ie, English and German.

Berti Weber - Ginseng Dance Crew


  • Age  Born 1988
  • Origin  Switzerland / Malaysia
  • Dancestyle  Newstyle / Animation / Popping
  • Favorite Music  R&B 
  • Inspiration  Andrew Baterina / Jay Parker / Brian Puspos / Vinh Nguyen / Shaun Evaristo / Mike Song
  • Favorite Move  Flow-Moves
  • Motto  Just do it
  • GDC Member Since January 2009

David Suivez - SPIN DJ Academy

DAVID SUIVEZ has toured from Hongkong to Shanghai, from Kiev to Berlin and Amsterdam, supporting Acts like Dj Mehdi (Ed Banger, Paris), Digitalism (Hamburg), Midnights Juggernauts (Australia), Dj Kid Fresh (Hong Kong), KRS-ONE (USA), Dilated Peoples (USA), DJ Q-Bert (USA) or Rahzel (USA). 

He is busy releasing records as DAVID EVANGELOS on well known Label GOMMA, being dj and producer for swiss hiphop-electro group LIRICAS ANALAS touring switzerland and austria at the biggest festivals. 

DAVID SUIVEZ organized extraordinary party series called P.O.N.Y, CUT (Parties for 16-21 year olds) and SHANK - having guest Djs from around the world.

Currently playing regularly at Plaza Club and well known Hive Club in Zurich, which is famous for taking the 48th place in the 100 best clubs in the world.

DJ ZID - SPIN DJ Academy

Owner/Director of Zürich's DJ SPIN Academy and technically skilled above the most regular swiss Dj's (Winner of the International Turntablist Federation Eliminations) DJ ZID is the man you don't wanna face in a Scratch Battle!

His experience and knowledge as a musician (10 years experience as a Jazz pianist) combined with the knowledge of producing music gave him the opportunity to put out releases for (UK) and even perform on the same stage as the Godfather of Scratch: Dj Q-Bert. What he enjoys the most are jam session with other virtuously talented artists like scratch musicians, singers or drummers.

Raymon Tscharner - Ginseng Dance Crew


  • Age  Born 1991
  • Origin  Switzerland
  • Dancestyle  Animation / Hip Hop / Newstyle
  • Favorite Music  Hip Hop / R&B / Dubstep / House
  • Inspiration  Phillip Chbeeb / Di(moon)  Zhang / Keone Madrid / Brian Puspos
  • Favorite Move  Hits / Waves / Flexing / Flow-Moves
  • Motto  Write the future
  • GDC Member Since  December 2009


René Stebler - Ginseng Dance Crew


  • Age  Born 1991
  • Origin  Switzerland
  • Dancestyle  Robo / Animation / Popping / Newstyle
  • Favorite Music  Dubstep / Hip Hop / R&B 
  • Inspiration  Lyle Beniga / Vinh Nguyen / Tony Tran
  • Favorite Move  Ticking / Slides / Hits / Waves 
  • Motto  Don't care what they say, just do your thing
  • GDC Member Since  March 2010

Il Kook Nauser - Ginseng Dance Crew


  • Age  Born 1989
  • Origin  Switzerland / Japan
  • Dancestyle  Breakdance / Capoeira / Newstyle / Locking
  • Favorite Music  Breakbeats / R&B 
  • Inspiration  Machine / Sonic / Roxrite / Pelezinho
  • Favorite Move  
  • Motto  Don't think, dance!
  • GDC Member Since January 2009
Instructor for: 

Sung Ju Weber - Ginseng Dance Crew


  • Age  Born 1990
  • Origin  Switzerland / Malaysia
  • Dancestyle  Breakdance / Hip Hop
  • Favorite Music  Breakbeats / R&B / Hip Hop
  • Inspiration  Red Bull BC One
  • Favorite Move  Cricket
  • Motto  Take it easy
  • GDC Member Since  January 2009
Instructor for: 

Siyu Yang - Ginseng Dance Crew

  • Age  Born 1992
  • Origin  China
  • Dancestyle  Newstyle / Hip Hop / Popping
  • Favorite Music  R&B 
  • Inspiration  Jackie Lautchang / Soreal Crew / Quick/Andrew Baterina / Mike Song
  • Favorite Move  Bodywaves /Flow-Moves / Everything according to the beat
  • Motto  Express yourself
  • GDC Member Since  January 2010
Instructor for: 

Ronnie Regli - Ginseng Dance Crew

  • Age  Born 1985
  • Origin  Switzerland / Philippines
  • Dancestyle  Newstyle / Hip Hop
  • Favorite Music  R&B / Hip Hop
  • Inspiration  Lyle Beniga / Tony Tran / Vinh Nguen / Shaun Evaristo
  • Favorite Move  Flow-Moves
  • Motto  Fight! And you may loose, but if you don’t give it a try you have already lost
  • GDC Member Since  June 2011
Instructor for: 

Pase and Dr Drax - One Truth


In 1996, the Senn brothers aka Pase and Dr.Drax began their first spraying and discovered their exceptional talent and passion as urban artists. Moving quickly from various small projects, they co-founded the artist collective ONE TRUTH. 15 years later they have designed building facades, created interior designs, exhibited, won national competitions and competed on an international level; they have carried out live paintings for blue-chip companies such as Miller Beer, Red Bull, Reebok, Zurich Insurance, Google, BMW Mini and numerous national companies such as Swisscom, Tonimolkerei, Zweifel, Streuplan etc. A particular highlight was the entire design and illustration for Sido of a specialised video clip reactions as well as Lesley Meguid MTV video clip wallpaper illustrations. Philanthropic efforts include various workshops for the city of Zurich, schools, youth projects, working with underprivileged youths in Thalwil and the caravan design for the national Amnesty International campaign “Against Domestic Violence”. There has been wide media coverage and interviews of One Truth’s activities with publications in the Red Bull Magazine “Red Eye” and articles in the Tagesanzeige amongst others. Last but not least, their organisation and participation of the International Meeting of Styles has firmly placed their art as an integral part of Zurich’s rich cultural urban canvas.

Brian Wilson - PGA Pro

Brian is a member of the Professional Golfers’ Association of America who has 15 years of teaching experience.  He enjoys teaching golfers of all skill levels, from absolute beginners to professionals, and believes in making golf fun for all.  Brian has studied the golf swing through the eyes of high speed video and 3D motion sensor technology.  He is also an experienced club-fitter and helps us make sense of all the equipment out there.  The technical aspects are important to a degree, but Brian’s top priority is to relate to individuals and coach in a personal way.  His main goal is get you out on the course, feeling comfortable and having fun!

Languages: English 

Adam Beaudin - Sailing

Adam grew up sailboat racing on Lake Champlain in Vermont, USA. He spent more than 10 years of his youth focused primarily on racing sailboats and windsurfers. He was also a sailing instructor at the International Sailing School one amazing summer when he taught sailing all day and raced every evening and weekend. That level of commitment made him one of America's top junior sailors. He has competed in numerous North American and World Championship sailing competitions, especially in the J24 class which was the Porsche of sailboats during the 1980's. His specialties are tactics, strategy and sail trim. Last summer, with 3 generations of family members on board, he won The Ladies Cup.  The Cup is the 2nd oldest American yacht race, which has been held annually on Lake Champlain since 1888. His best result was winning the 1984 World J24 Sailing Championships, beating Ed Baird who skippered Alinghi to its last successful America's Cup victory. 

Languages: English, French, German and Italian       


Roger Bosshard - Tricking Academy Bosshard

Professional tricker and Founder/Director of the very first tricking academy in Switzerland, Tricking Academy Bosshard, Roger started Tricking in November 2005. He was one of the first Trickers in Switzerland. In the Tricking World people know him as Roger “Gomes”. In 2007 he achieved his Pro status by placing second  in the European Cup in the Categories: Freestyle Forms and Teambattle. “I like to instruct new Trickers and I love to see them learn new Tricks. Tricking is my passion, my love and my way!”

Motto: Just do it!

Skills: 10 years Karate, 8 Years Latin Dance, 2 years Capoeira/Showdance/Streetdance and Musicals, 1 year Kung-Fu, 1/2 year Jeet Kune Do.

Languages: English, Swiss German, German, Portuguese and Italian